Key Cutting and Electronic Key Fob Duplication

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We cut and replace conventional keys but we also specialise in the duplication of electronic key fobs, including Paxton Bullet Fobs.

The majority of keys, including specialist models like Banhams, can be done in store.

Please come into the store and we’ll help you out!

Masters Services Ealing - Electronic Key Fobs


How long does key cutting take?
Almost every key will be done whilst you wait in the store.  However, some specialist keys will take a while longer. Contact the shop to discuss.

Do you have any offers or offer discounts on large orders?
We offer discounts on all orders of more than one key.

How much is it to cut a key?
Keys can vary significantly depending on type and security procedures, please contact the shop who can advise.

How long does it take to cut a key?
We have a wide range of keys but in most cases, we can copy your keys accurately in just a few minutes.

Can you only cut a key from the original?
As long as you have a working key we should be able to copy it.

My key doesn’t look like a “normal” key. It has holes in it – can you help?
Yes, we do most of these keys – please contact the shop to check.